Aeoon Kyo8 DTG printer installed in the United Kingdom

Date: 16/12/2012

Here is a short video clip of Aeoon Kyo8 DTG printer which was installed Countryside Art facility in the United Kingdom recently. Countryside Art is a leader in the tea towel and quality gift market. Our Aeoon Kyo8 Digital dtg printer is a great addition to their equipment and is going to push their success even further.

In this video, you can see 2 Pallets with a size of 980 x 920 mm. In the beginning, you can see our Aeoon Kyo Digital Direct Printer print 600×600 dpi single pass. Afterwards, we are printing 600×600 dpi in 3 times multi pass.

Countryside Art published a little article about the arrival of our Kyo Digital Garment Printer on their blog.