IR Flash Curers

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Stand Mount Curer

The Flash Cure is a micro-processor controlled unit to rapidly cure plastisol or waterbased inks.

This intermediate drier employs specially developed short wave or intermediate wave quartz halogen lamps for maximum heat control and long life.

It is for use with hand or automatic carousels. A micro processor controls heat intensity and time control.

The heating area is divided into 3 separate zones and the drier can be operated through an interface with an automatic carousel or with a photocell, foot, wobble or micro switch.

Further characteristics:

  • Even heating over the whole area.
  • Drying time variable in tenths of a second from 0.0 to 9.9 and in seconds from 10 to 99.
  • Fan cooling for lamps and to assist drying.
  • User friendly.
  • Units are CE compliant.
uv curer

Retro Fit Curer

The 5050 flash cure comprise a Short Wave intermediate drier with quartz halogen lamps and a Medium Wave unit with infrared carbon lamps.

The new Medium Wave driers represent the latest technology in flash curing using for the first time specially developed carbon emitters which produce the precise wavelength for fast even curing. The computer designed reflectors ensure even distribution of the air and radiated heat.

The latest micro processor driven controllers which are incorporated in every model give exact control over intensity and time. The combination of the new carbon emitters and these controllers ensure the fastest production rates and coolest cure, and in most cases

eliminate the need for a cool down station.

These Sanco Technology Ltd units will fit with "no tools" in automatic carousels from MHM, Schenk and Hebbecker, but with a stand they can be used in a free (open) station of any other type of carousel.

Application advantages of Medium Wave driers:

  • Special carbon emitters produce the correct heat required for curing, without overheating the pallets.
  • No need for cooling stations.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Fast and even drying over the entire print area.
  • Precise power and time control.
  • No scorching……… waste!
  • Faster shirt loading/unloading with "cool" pallets.
  • Infinite power/time control for special fabrics and plastic inserts.
  • Elimination of garment shrinkage and discolouration.

Technical Advantages:

  • Micro processor driven controller.
  • Programmable interface with automatic carousels.
  • User friendly.
  • Power and time adjustment during operation.
  • Plug-in connections for automatic carousels, photocells, micro/wobble, or foot switch.
  • All units and CE compliant.
  • Available with temperature sensing (ºC/ºF) for total control.
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