UV Curers

uv curer

UV Curer

Specification for the UV Curer is as follows:-

  • One or two UV lamp(s) system outputting 160-watts/ cm2/lamp.
  • Safety interlocks fitted to any removable panels and residual current circuit breaker.
  • Aluminium lamp houses on steel runners fitted with anodised aluminium reflectors.
  • Quartz infrared filter are fitted this reduces the amount of IR effecting substaight
  • Extract 2300 cubic meters per hour.
  • Air intake 2200 cubic meters per hour
  • 415 volts 3 phase neutral and earth.
  • Light trapping
uv clip and modules

UV Clip-on and Modules

With either UV Clip-on or UV module there’s no need to replace that existing conventional dryer just because it doesn’t have UV. The Sanco UV Clip-on unit can be manufactured to fit on the inlet wing of any dryer and with all the benefits of our UV Dryers, the option of one or two lamps, aluminium lamp houses with varying focuses reflectors types, quartz filter, full safety system including Earth leakage detector and all the standard lamp controls. The UV Clip-on has a separate box which encloses all the switch gear, transformer, the Clip-on has the option of being hinged to allow easy access to the conveyor belt, and the extract fan is in-built into the unit to save on space.

The UV Module can be installed at any point within an existing dryer so if your process needs an air flow before the substrate see the UV then we can install the UV module between the heaters and the cooler. The UV module contains all the transformers, switch gear and extract fan which creates an under belt vacuum as well as extracting from the lamp house. The entire standard UV features are included in these modules.

All units can be connected to the existing power supply of the dryer if it is of a suitable size and the unit can be tailored to match existing dryer styles and colours.

Standard sizes from 700mm to 2600mm cure width single lamp or twin lamps systems.