How did we do?

Lawrence Chapman, Operations Director

Countryside Art Ltd

The dyer has been very reliable and economical to run. We get superb wash test results with the dryer. The build quality and after sales service has been second to none.

Peter Rickett, Operations Director

Bedford Dials

Sanco have provided us with a top quality and reliable drier. Two years ago we entered a new and demanding market and we were relying heavily on our equipment to perform - we were not disappointed. We have found it to be effective and efficient providing a highly controllable curing environment. Bert and his team provide timely and reliable support - maintenance when needed and modifications as required. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Andrew Smith, Director

Calder Screen Print
Calder Screen Print

We installed our clean burn dryer from CPN at the start of this year. Paul Brook from CPN contacted CO2 Sense in Leeds on our behalf and applied for an £8,000 grant to help towards the cost of the dryer. After some great work from Paul and Kristina at CO2, we were accepted for the grant.

Our new dryer has shrunk our emissions and also cut our monthly gas bill from around £300 to £150, and we could not be happier.

A big thank you to all at CPN, and to Paul and Bert especially.