Exposure Range

Combi Exposure Range

Combi Exposure Range

designed for direct and indirect stencil making.

Split construction making easy to pass through standard doorways. UV contained with in cabinet making it safe to operate system in open working areas.

Quick start silent running vacuum system. Latex rubber blanket used to gain 100% contact off film to stencil, film or plates.

Crystal Glass (toughened) Multi channel integrator with automatic vacuum system. Program exposure time in light units (as the lamps ages the exposure times lengthens this time factor is controlled by the integrator measuring UV dosage) and vacuum delay time close the lid and system goes into autopilot giving you constant results every time.

If the below measurements don't meet your requirements, we can make it custom. Please talk to Sanco

Model 1 2 3 4
Max Frame 700x1050mm 1000x1300mm 1280x1800mm 1300x1900mm
Light Strength 1/ 2KW 1/ 2.5KW 3/ 5KW 4/6KW
Height 1200mm 1200mm 1300mm 1300mm
Width 1350mm 1600mm 2100mm 2200mm
Depth 1000mm 1300mm 1580mm 1600mm
Current 13 amps 13 amps 25amps/32amps 32amps/40amps
Voltage 220/ 240v 220/ 240v 380/ 415v 380/ 415v
Combi Exposure Range

UV Exposure Unit

A full range of Exposure Units, various sizes, models and power ratings are available. These units have the advantage of bein able to be used in an area without the need to be curtained off. these units are of a steel construction with the UV lamp and control gear being mounted at the bottom.

UV Exposure Leaflet